🍂 Nine Favorite Things! 🍂

Yesterday was the first day of fall!  Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet, but there's something so exciting about the changing of seasons.  Our family held on to every last drop of sunshine & warm weather that we could, but now I am so excited to transition to all the wonderful things fall brings here in Michigan! 

In anticipation of the change, I thought I'd share nine of my very favorite things to do & enjoy in September! 

1. Sunflower fields!  A recent discovery I made is that these are EVERYWHERE!  Wonderful farmers offer times to take photos and allow you to pick some flowers to enjoy at home OR gift to someone you love!

2. Cider doughnuts at the pumpkin patch .... is there anything better than a hot & crispy cinnamon sugar doughnut?! I haven't found it yet!  

3. Farmer's Market flowers - every Thursday our town holds a wonderful market!  There are some very sweet teenagers who create GORGEOUS bouquets of flowers.  The fall colors are so vibrant and pretty!!

4. Hoodie weather!  I'm living in the softest, coziest, most comfortable hoodies EVER!  The Wanderheart maroon color is my current fall fave! 

5. Color change in Northern Michigan! I grew up near Houghton, and NOTHING compares!  The further north you go, the better things get! 

6. Football Sundays!  It's so fun to load up on snacks and cheer on your team.  We are a house divided, and my team won this week, so it's been especially fun! 😉

7. WAFFLES.  This may not be specific to September, but I sure do love them!  We have an AMAZING coffee house in our town that serves up the most delicious, interesting waffles!  The pictured waffle has raspberry, matcha whip, and peppermint dust. YUM!!! 

8. Local produce.  I absolutely love loading up on locally grown goods from the great farmers that surround us! 

9. Afternoons at the pumpkin patch!  Our kids love the animals, the pumpkins, walking through the corn mazes, and all the other fun things.  I personally love the cider and doughnuts...but you already knew! 😊

Hopefully my nine faves will give you some ideas of things you can do to unplug, enjoy your people, your town, your local small businesses, your farmers, and enjoy this ONE beautiful life that we get!

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