Let's face it, technology is great, but we use it too much. Memories are being lost; cognitive development is stalling by the snap. Social media is beginning to make the world anti-social, and it's more than evident. When was the last time you were trying to talk to someone, only to have them not respond due to their eyes and minds being locked into something on their device? When was the last time you saw someone pull out their phone when they were nervous? It happens all the time! We thought, "WHY AREN'T THERE MORE PEOPLE DOING SOMETHING???" So we did.

We remembered playing basketball after school, and thinking of dumb and random games to combat our boredom. Looking back, those were things that developed the skills we use today (creativity, problem solving, depth perception, exercise, losing, winning, and on and on). Why take that away by being zombied into a device? 

Technology is an incredible tool that we SHOULD use today, but most use it in a way that is harmful to their health. FACT: screen time exceeding 2 hours every day raises levels of anxiety, depression, and lack of physical activity in EVERYONE. On average, smartphone users spend more than 4.7 hours on their phone alone every day. Screen time for the typical American is now anywhere from 8-10 hours total on average. The Wanderheart Project is a movement that seeks to change the statistics by promote a lifestyle of disconnecting from technology more often, in order to reconnect with those we love. We don't want to get rid of the phone, we just want to see more people turning it off for others well-being.