Don't let the world convince you you'll die without your phone. The truth is, it's a convenience, not a necessity. We are here to help you use your phone in a responsible manner. Don't throw it away, just know when to use it. Here are some healthy tips to do just that:
1. Charge your phone in the other room at night.
"But what about my alarm?!?!" Buy an alarm clock! They're like 10 bucks, and it will improve your sleep patterns significantly. We waste so much time scrolling aimlessly waiting to get bored enough to go to bed. Read a book, journal, pray, sleep, think, whatever; there are plenty of alternatives!
2. No phones at the dinner table
What's the point? Dinner is a time to be with family and friends. Set work aside and take a rest for a solid 30 minutes. It will make you more productive and give you more joy. And no, the phone stack doesn't work. Research proves it still produces anxiety when it's in sight. Don't be afraid to place it in the other room or leave it in the car.
3. Turn off notifications on your apps.
Curse that little red box!!! Constantly feeling the unaccomplishment and need to work is not good for the soul. Turn off your notifications so you can choose when to work without having the anxiety at home! 
4. Eliminate Social Media from your phone.
This is taking the extra step. If it's that important, you'll check it on a computer. If it's not, you'll quickly realize you have been spending endless time on the wrong things.
5. No phones after....
Give your phone a bedtime. There is a time for work, and a time for rest. Don't neglect your body's needs! If you don't intentionally put it away, your stress and anxiety levels will go through the roof
6. Use "Do Not Disturb"
The do not disturb button is a gem. It will still accept calls if the person calls two times (insinuating an emergency). When you need to get stuff done, or just want a break, hit the do not disturb button set your phone out of site.
7. Take social media apps off your home screen
When you don't see them as much, you won't feel like you need to check them. We are all addicted to some level, and the only way to heal an addiction is to eliminate the issue. This is the first step.
8. Buy a digital camera.
"But my phone is my camera!" We understand, however, it doesn't NEED to be. Creation is amazing. Sometimes taking a picture is the right thing to do. However, the world doesn't always need to see it. Having a digital camera gives you the freedom to capture the moment without the distractions of instant sharing and snapping.