Do you love our high quality, insanely comfortable clothing that gives back to families of children with congenital heart defects? Are you fired up about being present for the big & small moments in your life? Do you believe in using technology responsibly and not letting it overpower your days? If you answered YES to these questions, we think you'd be an amazing affiliate for us at The Wanderheart Project!

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The Perks
  • 20% off all WAHE gear for as long as you are an affiliate
  • 10% commission on all purchases made through your affiliate link
  • Exclusive access to our awesome affiliate Facebook community
Terms and Conditions

Be yourself! When you believe in & support this mission, it'll be easy for you to encourage others to do the same! We believe in unplugging from technology, being present in our lives, and giving back to families in need.  

Affiliates receive 10% commission on all clothing purchases made by customers through the affiliate's unique referral link. Commission is awarded to affiliates based upon the purchase price of merchandise; tax, transaction fees & shipping are not commissionable. Commissions will not be awarded on merchandise purchases that are discounted at 30% or higher.  

In order to receive commission, customers must purchase through the affiliate's unique referral link within 10 days of clicking the unique link. 

Commissions earned on returned or refunded purchases will be invalidated and deducted from the affiliate's account or retained from future earnings as necessary. 

All accounts will be paid out in $USD via PayPal. It is the affiliate's responsibility to maintain an active PayPal account that is able to accept payment. It is the affiliate's responsibility to keep payment information current. Payouts will occur within the first week of each month when the $50 minimum commission earning has been met.

Affiliates must be active and present on social media, have a public account and a robust following, or have a main avenue agreed upon with the Wanderheart team for selling product. For those on social media, we require at least 2 posts and mentions a month to maintain affiliate status. We cannot accept all applications and Wanderheart reserves the right to refuse or terminate any affiliate relationship for any reason.

Affiliates are not allowed to earn commission on purchases made through their own link. When affiliates are provided exclusive discounts to purchase products for themselves, they may not purchase through the affiliate links of others. Affiliates may not use outside software or funky techniques to boost commission inorganically. All commissions must be earned organically through each affiliates' unique URL and follow these guidelines set out by the FTC. 

If you have a technique to sell that may be against these terms and conditions, please contact us before taking further steps.

At The Wanderheart Project, we take integrity & respect very seriously.  Affiliates may not use foul language and must conduct themselves in a manner that aligns with our company values while promoting our product.  The Wanderheart Project reserves the right to withhold commissions and/or terminate the affiliate partnership at any time.

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