What is it?
  • An exclusive Facebook group for people committed to using technology responsibly and encouraging other to do so as well.
The Only Requirement:
  • All WAHE Fam members are required to have purchased gear from Wanderheart OR participated in an event that was ran by Wanderheart. 
The responsibilities:
  • When technology use comes up in conversation, talk about it. Use us as a resource, and point people our way!
  • Interact with our WAHE Fam on Facebook, give us feedback on new products, new designs, and surveys we have for you.
  • Submit awesome gear pictures and show us how you unplug (we might even feature you as well).
  • Be a difference maker. Unplug. Be present with your people. Give back to your community.
The Perks:
  • Get first access to exclusive deals on products. We run sales within the group, and offer flash sales when we need to get rid of excess inventory.
  • Get first access to limited drop items before they launch.
  • Ability to submit designs freely to our team, about 25% of our designs are from ambassadors!
How to apply:
  • CLICK HERE and answer the ALL the prompted questions on Facebook. If you do not answer all questions, or if you have not purchased gear, you will be denied. This should only take 15-30 seconds.
  • Questions? Shoot us a message at
Here are some awesome pictures from ambassadors!