Dirt Bike Premium Super Soft Hooded Sweatshirt - The Wanderheart Project
Dirt Bike Premium Super Soft Hooded Sweatshirt - The Wanderheart Project
Dirt Bike Premium Super Soft Hooded Sweatshirt - The Wanderheart Project
Dirt Bike Premium Super Soft Hooded Sweatshirt - The Wanderheart Project
Dirt Bike Premium Super Soft Hooded Sweatshirt - The Wanderheart Project
Dirt Bike Premium Super Soft Hooded Sweatshirt - The Wanderheart Project

Dirt Bike Premium Super Soft Hooded Sweatshirt

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Dawson has always been fascinated with dirt bikes.  The noise, the speed, the jumps, the dirt – everything that intrigues the senses of a young boy.  I knew the time would come when watching others ride would not be satisfying enough.  That time came during the spring of 2020 when Dawson was 8 years old.  “Dad, I want to learn how to ride dirt bikes.”  It was music to my ears.  Shortly thereafter, my well-manicured lawn was transformed into a makeshift MX track, complete with small rolling jumps, hills, and mud-banked corners, all which Dawson created by himself. 

In the few short months since he hopped on his first dirt bike, the homemade MX track is no longer big enough, the beginner bike is no longer fast enough, and the rolling jumps that he built with his own hands are no longer high enough.  We travel to local tracks now with a bigger bike to master higher jumps and faster speeds.  I can hop on my own bike now and ride along with Dawson as he continues to pursue his passion for motocross.  The homemade track now sits dormant but my relationship with my son has never been stronger.  We work together.  We travel together.  We ride together.  We laugh together.  We share the successes of this challenging sport and we learn together from our mistakes.  For Dawson and me it is more than a dirt bike.  It is time together to unplug and enjoy the blessing of a strong father-son relationship.

Dawson’s ultimate goal is to race competitively.  It’s in his blood and he works tirelessly to improve his skills.  But he’s also learning that we don’t always ride to win races or to get places. 

We ride…

  • To unplug and enjoy the blessing of being able to live in the moment
  • To make new friends and strengthen existing relationships
  • To understand that sometimes scrapes, bumps, and bruises are symbols of hard work and progress
  • To learn from our mistakes and embrace new challenges
  • To feel strong, free, and fearless
  • To find peace with ourselves
  • To embrace the tranquility of the dirt below us, the sky above us, and the wind in our face

For Dawson and me, it is more than a dirt bike.

Todd Schoolman

**This design is a graphically traced side view of Dawson's exact bike**

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I love these products so much I may have more than the owners. It’s all I wear. It’s so comfortable and affordable. My closet looks like a Wanderheart warehouse.

Frank K.

Suuuuper soft material after multiple washes. Check. Loose but snug, if that makes sense. Basically gives you a soft hug but like, from your good friend, not from your aunt Jane who hasn't seen you in 11 years. Can tell that the material is of high quality, plus I love the little brand patch at the bottom corner. Overall 5 out of 5. Will be back for more!

Carly L.

Five star customer service! My original order had a crooked print. Wanderheart read my review and replaced it no questions asked! Thank you!

Salvator L.
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